The Envy of All SUVs

Seating for Six

The Model X can carry up to six adult passengers, as well as your chauffeur.

Tesla designed each of the car’s seats for maximum comfort, including the optional third row. These rear seats can be folded flat for more storage space when carrying up to four passengers.

Storage Capacity

The Model X is designed to provide plenty of space with a huge 2,180 litres of interior storage capacity.

A golf bag or two strollers will fit in the ’frunk‘(front trunk), while the boot can accommodate bikes and skis.

Falcon Wing Doors

When the falcon wing doors of the Model X open, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a science fiction film.

These beautifully functional doors allow for easy ingress and egress from the car’s second and third row seats. Their swooping motion is sure to impress.

Superior Quiet Cabin

The loudest noise you’ll hear in the Model X is the sound of your chauffeur closing its striking falcon wing doors.

Once inside and on the road, the quiet cabin is a welcome respite from the daily hustle and bustle outside. It’s your time to sit back in peace and enjoy the ride.

All-Glass Panoramic Windshield

The innovative windshield design adds to the luxurious feel of the Model X. Serving as a partial moonroof, it provides passengers with an unparalleled and unobstructed viewing experience.

The windshield utilises the largest piece of glass deployed in a production car. The layered design has solar tinting technology that blocks most direct sunlight.

Breathe Easy

Hay fever or smog need not bother you thanks to the Model X's medical-grade HEPA air filter.

It filters out pollen, bacteria, viruses and pollution, making the air quality inside the cabin comparable to a hospital room.

Safest SUV on the Market

The Tesla Model X is big on safety. Huge in fact!

As with the Model S, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also awarded it a 5-star safety rating – the only SUV to receive such an accolade.

What’s more, the Model X has the lowest probability of rollover and overall passenger injury of any SUV on the market.

Award Winning

Automobile Association of America (AAA)

Best Overall Green Vehicle 2017

Reader's Choice Luxury Utility Vehicle of the Year 2016

Golden Steering Wheel

Best SUV 2016


Tied First - Best Luxury SUV to Buy in 2016

Reader's Choice Green Car of the Year 2016

New York City Design Awards

Gold Winner 2015

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