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About Evoke

Evoke is Australia's first zero emissions luxury chauffeur service, providing you with a sustainable transportation option. Evoke's fleet of premium vehicles is operated by experienced and professional chauffeurs, ensuring you arrive at your destination on-time and in comfort.

The transportation sector is responsible for nearly one quarter of all human carbon emissions, a considerable percentage. The encouraging news is that we have the power to reduce this number quite substantially.  Evoke aims to be a driving force in working towards this change.

With the Tesla Model S being introduced in Australia in late 2014, former IT Business Analyst Pia Peterson saw the opportunity to take a stand against climate change and create change within the transportation industry. She launched Evoke in May 2015 and later that same year left her corporate job to focus on moving Australia to sustainable transport.

As a commuter who has experienced vehicle pollution in the Sydney CBD for more than 10 years, Pia is excited to provide a luxury chauffeur service which helps to improve air quality, to the benefit of the entire community. 

Evoke currently operates in Sydney, with exciting plans to roll out the service to other capital cities.


Why is Evoke different?

Our Cars. Evoke's state-of-the-art Tesla Model S guarantees a zero emissions journey. In comparison, a one-way trip from the airport to the Sydney CBD in a vehicle of a similar class would produce approximately 5kg of CO2.

Our Promise. We operate with an 'on-time or money back' guarantee. If you make a booking and your chauffeur arrives after the designated time, you will not be charged for your trip.

Our Drivers. Evoke's professional and attentive chauffeurs have extensive knowledge of the Sydney road network and will go above and beyond the call of duty to attend to your needs, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable journey. Evoke's friendly drivers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including banking, engineering, technology and viticulture.

Our Service. All cars come equipped with Wi-Fi, glass bottled water and chargers for nearly all types of phones and laptops.



If you're in need of a transfer between meetings or events, you can't go past Evoke, using only the best, all the while using no petrol, it's a breath of fresh air for the industry.

- Steve

If you need transfers in Sydney use this company. Amazing Tesla motor vehicles! This is the future of transportation! Absolutely outstanding!

- Matt

In Evoke's fleet of electric cars the chief sound is that of tyres on the road. The engine is silent, the emissions nil, the comfort total and the drivers competent and urbane. It's the most sublime way to go, and of leaving nothing but your tracks.

- Tom