Sustainable Travel for a Brighter Future

Transport on Australian roads accounts for 18.8% of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and that number continues to grow1. These stats push us into zero-emission overdrive - we’re more focused than ever to provide 100% carbon-neutral car services and reduce our environmental impact.

Evoke’s founder, Pia Peterson had a vision for a healthier, cleaner Sydney, and a strong commitment to reducing the amount of CO2 car travel continues to pump into the atmosphere.

“I believe in a future where electric cars will be the preferred, possibly only choice for our roads. Imagine electric cars as popular as the once infamous Holden Commodore,” - Pia Peterson, Evoke founder.

Better For The Environment

State-of-the-art Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X produce zero emissions. In comparison, a one-way trip from the airport to Sydney’s CBD, in a combustion engine vehicle of a similar class, produces around 5kg of CO2.

Every ride in an Evoke chauffeured car, shows how your zero-emission journey makes a positive environmental impact. Electric cars also help reduce noise pollution, especially in cities like Sydney, where speeds are generally low.

Our fleet uses Tesla’s carbon offset supercharger network and Chargefox’s ultra-rapid chargers that are powered by 100% renewable energy. When we’re not supercharging, we aim to use 100% GreenPower. On the rare times that we can’t guarantee carbon-neutral transport, we offset any remaining emissions with Greenfleet.

Our Impact

Fighting Climate Change

Since 2015, we’ve saved our atmosphere from 1,030,000 kilograms of CO2 and avoided 383,000 litres of fuel.

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3,320,000 km
of zero-emissions driving

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383,000 L
of petrol avoided

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1,030,000 kg
CO2 avoided

Committed to 100% Carbon-Neutral

Our commitment to reducing emissions doesn’t stop at the cars we drive. We aim to consume less, use energy as efficiently as possible, apply sustainable purchasing practices, and support projects that have the greatest impact and reduce carbon emissions. We also endeavour to only work with suppliers that are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Partnerships for a Sustainable Future