The Executive Assistant’s Ideal

Flexibility, Control, and Time-Saving

When there aren’t enough hours in the day to get through your ‘to-do’ list - how do you be as efficient as possible?

A typical day involves anticipating changes in the boss’s schedule that you just know will happen. Organising lunch delivery for the board meeting, arranging a car service at the last minute, so the boss doesn’t have to drive and find a car park, not to mention covering Sarah’s schedule because her usual EA is on leave... And, this is all just before your first cup of coffee. We know - we’ve been there.

It’s why we created an online booking portal that aims to think as you do. It gives you the flexibility and control you deserve, to book an Evoke chauffeured car.

Screnshot of booking portal dashboard with list of upcoming trips

Flexibility and Control

Our online booking portal gives you full control. Log in and manage the car booking, your way.

You can create, edit, and track the status of an Evoke chauffeured car in real-time.

Update the booking or cancel it whenever you need to. Save the travel preferences of your executive for even faster bookings.

Don’t waste time on phone calls or wondering if your email will get actioned in time.

For the times that you have a curly question, our team is available to help with live chat.

The booking portal connects directly with our drivers, so you can see which driver has been allocated to your job, every time.

No More Paper Receipts

Never chase your boss for a paper taxi receipt again.

Invoices and receipts are all online, so you can feel good about reducing paper and being more efficient in managing your boss’ travel expenses.

Screenshot of My Travellers page, allowing you to view, edit, share, manage or add new travellers

Multiple Executive Profiles

Need to manage more than one executive’s travel? No problem. There are no limits to the number of profiles you can manage, and you get a complete overview of each person’s journey. You can share the schedule and executive profiles with colleagues if you’re having a day off.

Screenshot showing flight validation tool and that not enough time was left to get to the airport

Airport Pick Up? Connect Flight Details Easily.

We’ve built a solid reputation around reliable and luxurious airport transfers. It’s only natural that our online booking tool intuitively connects flight information to your car booking, and automatically checks the details for you. The booking portal won’t allow you to connect a flight arriving in Melbourne, with a car pick-up in Sydney, or mistype a flight number. We always want you to have the most seamless experience when you travel with us. If your flight time changes, our drivers will still be exactly where you need them to be when you need them.

Screenshot of CO2 inter-company leaderboard and rankings

Inter-Company CO2 Emissions Leaderboard

Reducing CO2 emissions is the reason we get out of bed every day. We love sharing this with our clients. You can log in at any time and see how your company compares to others that regularly travel by electric car. It feels good to contribute to fewer emissions.

Reliable and Easy to Use

Our Online Booking Portal is the EA’s ideal - flexible, intuitive, and easy to use. Once you’ve used it for an airport, corporate, or intercity car transfer with us, you won’t use a taxi service again.